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About Us

Wakumo Vietnam is an R&D center in Vietnam focused on blockchain technology, microservices, machine learning and mobile application. Using available database of our parent company in Japan along with advanced technology allows us to create high-quality IT products and service and optimize system’s security and stability.

At Wakumo Vietnam, avant-garde ideas and work efficiency are core values and highly appreciated. Wakumo Vietnam members are dedicated to optimization, willingness to learn, researching and approaching leading technologies in order to create new ideas and turn them into reality with our professionality, sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for work.

Besides, we have always been willing to welcome and collaborate with investors around the world to form long-lasting and sustainable relationships contributing to the development of this fluctuating and rapidly emerging Information Technology field.

We strive to research and deliver the most cutting-edge
technologies and products to the world.



As an independent technological center, with an elite team of experienced developers and researchers, we undertake innovative research on blockchain technologies, such as CounterParty, Decentralized Exchange, Liquid Sidechain, Lightning Network and SmartContract. As a result, we redefine the way the general blockchain community store and transact assets, manage and share identities, and more importantly, ensure ultimate data security and privacy.



At Wakumo Vietnam, microservices architecture including Kubernetes, Docker, Kong and Google Cloud Platform, is considered as a promising solution to the manifold problems inherent to monoliths. By dividing applications into multiple separately deployable and scalable services, our development team can deploy, rebuild, redeploy and manage them independently; improve the quality of codes; build large-scale systems efficiently and prevent many of the problems of software monoliths.


Machine Learning

The Machine Learning is dramatically changing the world day by day. At Wakumo Vietnam, we’re focusing on analyzing the big data from FX trading which is the one of the biggest markets, training them to give the most suitable trained models and using them to make predictions. With power of TensorFlow, Keras we can apply deep-learning & neural networks to build an AI or Expert Advisor which can help to give us relevant advices. The prediction can be incorrect sometimes, but ability of machine learning is letting them self-teach and improve the answer to make a more correct prediction in the future.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

By thoroughly researching and applying React-native as well as Flutter, both of which are backed by technical giants such as Facebook and Google, we make every effort to greatly contribute to the escalation of those two most significant open-source technologies in the world.
Other related technologies we have been working on include:
+ CI/CD, analytics, crashlytics: Firebase
+ Notification: Firebase, OneSignal

Joint Venture

Forming a joint venture with us will give you access to better technologies and success.
We bring specialized knowledge and considerable experience, which helps the joint venture become more competent and strong enough to move forward in a particular direction.

Joint Venture

A successful pattern of our team structure

Our Team StructureOur Team Structure

Incubation / Investment

We are inclined to support entrepreneurs and give them access to benefits on both technical and financial aspects, which can help their businesses survive and accelerate in the contemporary competitive environment.

Incubation / Investment

Our Product


Sumica is a platform that connects tenants and landlords, helps them to find their best house/tenants. We provide both website and mobile application, supporting you anytime, anywhere.

With the ambition to become the best affiliate marketing product for rental places in APAC and change the way of finding a rental place by Crowdsourcing and AI, we are now trying our best to get more and more trust from our customers.

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Sumica App

Working with us

For technological innovation, sky’s the limit. But excellence is not. We are constantly in search of the most gifted and clever individuals to join hands and build an exciting future.

Working With Us

Fact Sheet

Founded in April 2017, Wakumo Vietnam has become one of the most dynamic IT product companies which not only has a core team of well-trained developers but also provides the most friendly and comfortable working environment to each individual member.
As of the beginning of 2019, the figures below show how remarkably and rapidly our company has been developing over the past few years.

Wakumo Vietnam Co., Ltd / Cong ty TNHH Wakumo Viet Nam

Address / Địa Chỉ:

4th Floor, Thanh Quan Building, 132 - 136 Le Dinh Ly, Danang, Vietnam
Tầng 4, tòa nhà Thành Quân, 132 - 136 Lê Đình Lý, Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam

Establishment / Thành lập:

April 2017
Tháng 4 / 2017

Fiscal Year / Năm tài chính:

December 31st
31 tháng 12

Capital / Vốn điều lệ:

228 mil VND
228 triệu đồng

Registration Number / Số Đăng Ký:


Representative / Người đại diện:

Yoshihiro Takahara -